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The Seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany | The Feast of Saint Nicholas


Matthew 19:14

December 2018
One Dark and Starry Night
On a dark and starry night
One star shone particularly bright
And led wisemen to the sight
Where a prince was born that night.

When they arrived upon the scene,
It was almost like a dream.
There lay the tiny Lord Supreme, '
Tween Joseph and Heaven's future queen.

The wisemen placed their gifts before him,
To show how much they adored him.
Their souls filled with joy to the brim,
As the angels sang their Heavenly hymn.

Now each Christmas we commemorate,
And rejoice with glee and celebrate,
The birth of Jesus, the one so great,
The Son of God, the Word Incarnate.
Don't Forget
Tree Trimming
Saturday December 1st
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
December Schedule
● December 2 Advent 1:
Birthday blessings
Advent calendar to be handed out during Sunday school

Lesson: Luke 21:25-36 (p.1043) Signs of the End of the Age
St. Nicholas Visits the Children
● December 9 Advent 2
Lesson: Luke 3:1-6 (p.1016) John the Baptist prepares the way
● December 16 Advent 3
Lesson: Luke 3:7-18 (p.1016) John speaks to the people
  * A Christmas to Believe In *
Christmas Play at 10:00 service
● December 23 Advent 4
Lesson: Luke 1:39-45 (p.1013) Mary visits Elizabeth
Happy Birthday!
Isabel Nowland (December 15th)
Jasmine Price (December 27th)
Ellie Heindl (December 3rd)  
Christmas Crossword Puzzle