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The Seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany | The Feast of Saint Nicholas


Matthew 19:14

January 2018
When Jesus put the little child in the midst of His disciples, He did not tell the little child to
become like His disciples; He told the disciples to become like the little children.
Said by Ruth Bell Graham
Did You Know?
The Sunday school children put together stockings with snacks and
candy to the 24 seniors at leigh Hall in the memory care center for Christmas.
Thank you so very much Carolyn King for directing the Christmas
Play – 12 Symbols of Christmas and Nikki Beck for playing Mom.
Thank you to all the Children and Youth for their gifts and talents.
You all did an AMAZING job and everyone in the congregation loved it!
Upcoming Events
● January 7 Epiphany Sunday
Birthday/Anniversary Blessings
The Magi visit Children’s Chapel.
Fun Facts about Jesus’ Birth
Jesus did not have a last name like us in the
21st century.  Christ is not his last name, but
a title that meas "the anointed one".

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus,
means "house of bread".
Happy Birthday - Marissa McGinty! (Jan 17th)
Happy New Year Activity Sheet