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Matthew 19:14

September 2017
September 5th
First day of School… HURRAY!
Back to School Humor
What is the smartest insect in the world?
A bookworm!

What do you get when you cross a rooster and a duck?
A bird that gets up at the quack of dawn!

What can you wear anytime that never goes out of style?
A smile!
September 10th
Rally Day
St. Peter’s will be hosting its annual
Christian Education Year
kick off with good
food, great fellowship and most importantly
God’s love. Bring a friend!
Special Message
Hope everyone had a great summer!

Congratulations to all that finished their Apostles Creed Workbook.
If finished they earned:
$5.00 coupon to Skinny dip (ages 7 – 11).
To the younger ones who colored their Pinocchio picture they also
earned a $5.00 coupon to Skinny dip (ages 3-6).
Dates to Remember
● September 3 Pentecost 13 - Birthday blessings at 10am service
Ice cream social before school starts
● September 10 Pentecost 14 - Rally Day!
What does Rally Day mean?
What is Parable?
● September 17 Pentecost 15 - Matthew 18:21-35 / Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
● September 24 Pentecost 16 - Chapel Kids Sing
Matthew 20:1-16 / Parable of Two Sons
Happy Birthday
Danny Nowland- September 21st
Back to School Crossword